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Bella Cera

Hand-crafted in the classic traditional American style, one board at a time.

A true hand scraped hardwood floor, carved by artisans' hands, replacing the uniform "machine-scraped" look of mass-produced wood floors, with custom character, Bella Cera hardwoods are prepared in the old Italian tradition, from uncompromising source wood selection to the final floor finish. They are painstakingly hand-crafted, one board at a time, by trained hardwood floor artisans, yet still priced affordably enough for those who appreciate fine quality.

Many "hand-scraped" hardwood flooring brands are actually scraped by workers using machines. This results in a repetitive pattern. Bella Cera flooring artisans have been personally trained by a nationally-renowned hardwood flooring master to "read" each piece of wood, determining its unique personality, and then to choose the right tools and techniques to fully bring out this character. They are skilled at adding natural-looking chatter marks, antique wear and tear, distressing, scraping, worm holes and more, in different areas of each board, without repetition of patterns or depths. No two floor boards are the same!

Bella Cera's variable-width flooring allows you to mix wide wood planks of 4, 5 and 6 inches together to create a rich look. Random patterns using various size planks mixed together are popular with designers here in Tampa Bay. Each width displays the beauty of the wood grain differently. To complement the scale of your rooms, you can use the 5-inch and 6-inch planks in larger rooms, and 4-inch and 5-inch planks in smaller ones.

Bella Cera uses a custom diamond-clear floor finish formulated to bring out the wood's natural authenticity, rather than obscuring it. Bella Cera Hardwood Flooring is truly fine art in the Italian tradition.

At Through the Woods, we are experts at the installation of Bella Cera wood flooring.

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