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Forest Accents

Taste, spirit & style.

Forest Accents offers a full range of exotic woods, famous for their striking, radiant colors, and handsome graining. These beautiful hardwood species are selectively harvested from the bamboo forests of Southern China, the western regions of Africa, the tropical areas in Northern Brazil, and other locales known for the beauty and quality of their hardwoods.

Their engineered wood flooring products afford you the flexibility to glue down directly over concrete, a plus with the fluctuations in humidity we experience here in Tampa Bay, or staple down over existing plywood sub floors.

Forest Accents' solid wood flooring products are manufactured with the most advanced technology. These products are designed to be nailed down over plywood. Solid hardwood flooring should only be installed on or above grade. The interior climate control should remain consistent to reduce the natural expansion and contraction relative to moisture (humidity or other). Solid hardwood flooring also adds structural strength due to its 3/4thickness and interlocking tongue and groove milling. You can refinish, or recoat solid wood floors several times, which adds to their appeal and extends their long lives.

At Through the Woods, we are experts at the installation of these hardwood flooring products.

Visit our Tampa hardwood floor showroom (by appointment) to view samples of Forest Accents.

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