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Rare Earth Hardwood Flooring

Brazil, traditional and contemporary.

Exotic woods come from trees that are grown in other countries. Triangulo manufactures exotic hardwood flooring in Brazil and imports their flooring products all over the world. Their wood has many certifications that it is harvested in a manner that is beneficial to Brazil's forests.

One of Triangulo's offerings is a solid product. This means that the board is a solid piece of wood from the top of the board to the bottom. Like the traditional flooring in your grandmother's house, it is fabricated from a single board that is 3/4" thick. Triangulo produces flooring from the most beautiful Brazilian hardwoods - Brazilian Cherry (Jatobo), Tigerwood, Brazilan Chestnut, Amendoim and Brazilian Teak. You can find pictures of these woods here.

They also offer an engineered line in many of these same species. This product is more stable than solid hardwood flooring, but has the same appearance.

At Through the Woods, we are experts at the installation of these Triangulo flooring products.

Visit our Tampa hardwood floor showroom (by appointment) to view samples of Triangulo.

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