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    Tampa Hardwood Flooring Buyer's Guide

    How can you be assured that you will receive a high quality floor? This buyers guide is perfect for Tampa Bay homeowners who are looking to restore or install new flooring.

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    A Plea To Rehabbers

    The Seminole Heights Design Guidelines, aided in creation by people on our own neighborhood, provide a wealth of information that can and should be used in or out of the historic district, our plea is for Rehabbers to be aware of these guidelines and try to follow them.

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    The Many Advantages of Wood Flooring

    Suitable to all types of architecture and decor, wood flooring enables you to create or enhance any design scheme. There is a large choice of wood species from which to choose, each having its own color, feel and charm. Add that to today's choices in stains and finishes, and the possibilities are endless and exciting.

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    Appearance of Wood Floors

    The appearance of the wood is determined by its grade and its cut. All grades and cuts are equally strong and serviceable, but each affords you a different look.

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