Is there an economic advantage to select hardwood flooring instead of less costly materials?

Absolutely! A sound investment here in Tampa, hardwood flooring can last the lifetime of your home, unlike other flooring materials which can require replacement after about seven to ten years.

Wood floors are easy and inexpensive to maintain. They don’t need to be shampooed and they clean easily with a dust mop and vinegar and water. The EPA recommends that carpets be professionally cleaned at least every 12 months for houses with two or less people that are non-smokers. They recommend having professional carpet cleaning every 3 months in homes with children and pets. Pricey!

A large majority of real estate agents surveyed stated that a home with wood flooring will sell more quickly and for a higher amount of money than a comparable home with any other type of flooring. Look through a Tampa newspaper or home sale publication and you’ll see “hardwood floors” listed as a top feature! They are in demand!

Homes with wood floors are perceived to be constructed of quality materials, a plus for any homebuyer. They are right, of course! Wood is a high quality building material.

Entrance to kitchen- Antique French oak plank.

When you walk into a home, notice where your attention goes. In a house with hardwood floors, you will instantly respond to their beauty and warmth. A wood floor makes a house feel like home.

There are floors today, dating back to Renaissance Europe that are still structurally sound and beautiful. In comparison, the stone steps leading up to them are deeply worn and irregular.

Here in Tampa, wood floors in historic homes are frequently made of old growth materials. A prized feature, we try to conserve these materials whenever possible because they cannot be replaced. Buyers of old homes are on the lookout for original features and materials- especially old growth flooring.

We can assist you in choosing the very best wood flooring material for your home.