I have been using a product on my wood floor that says that it cleans, polishes and conditions, but now my floor seems to have a sticky film on it. What do you recommend?

Most of these products are not recommended by wood flooring finish manufacturers because they tend to deposit a cloudy film. This film obscures the wood grain and often shows footprints it in. When people try to clean it, mopping marks are left.

Your finish can become abraded and worn so that it no longer protects the wood. Our sandy Tampa Bay soil tends to stick to this gummy film, so it becomes impossible to vacuum it up, allowing the sand to build up and get ground into the floor. This shortens your floor’s lifespan.

To remove this build-up, we use tour Dirt Dragon and its special stripping fluids. This heavy duty machine was designed by a wood flooring finish manufacturer, as was the special cleaning fluids that it uses. This fluid is an aggressive cleaner that will easily remove the filmy cleaning product as well as ground-in dirt, body oils, shoe marks, ball scuffs, spilled food and beverages, etc. It is tough on dirt, gentle on floors and cleans without leaving a residue.

Generally, this will handle it, but depending on the product used and your type of floor, the wood could have to be sanded to completely remove all of the product. If your floor has lost its finish due to abrasion from the dirt in the film, it will need to be sanded and refinished to protect the exposed wood grain.