Visit Our Tampa Wood Flooring Showroom

“I visited Through the Woods showroom and was amazed by the possibilities. I had no idea there could be so many choices, each one of them beautiful quality. This is no big box store with plastic-like flooring.
Not your ordinary flooring company!"
-- Annie H., Dunedin

Pictured is a small selection of samples featured in our Tampa hardwood floor showroom.

We have spent many years researching the best value, highest quality, and most beautiful and durable hardwood flooring products available. You will find many choices of woods in light, even white-washed, to traditional medium tones, to dark, almost black. Colors range from warm golds to stunning reds and rich browns. Our finishes are the latest on the market, providing long-lasting beauty and easy care.

showroom samples

We display them here in our showroom, open by appointment - a vast array of domestic woods as well as stunning exotic hardwoods from around the world. You will see samples of distressing and antiquing, intricate border designs and many species of reclaimed and antique woods. We also offer Bamboo and Cork in a wide variety of colors.

Contact us to make an appointment to see our showroom of beautiful, high quality products.

We will help you choose the perfect hardwood floor for your Tampa Bay home!

Visit Our Showroom

Focusing on service, we are open by appointment only. Bring your blueprints. Bring your ideas and your questions. There are many technical as well as aesthetic factors to be considered in making the right choice.  We will assess your type of construction, your location in proximity to moisture, and your family’s needs to help you choose the perfect product that will increase the beauty, value and enjoyment of your home.

We invite you to take samples home so that you can view them during different parts of the day, with your furniture, and your home’s other design elements. A wood floor is a major investment. We want to make sure that you receive an abundant return!



Below is a list of some of the brands that we display in our showroom. Click on their names to learn more about each of them.

Apc Cork Flooring
Globus Cork
Mullican Hardwood
Navarre Brand
Rare Earth Hardwood Flooring
UA Hardwood Flooring