our HISTORIC WOOD Flooring Restoration Portfolio

“Through The Woods did a wonderful job refinishing my vintage oak floors. The hardwood floors were in very bad shape, and now they look new and beautiful.
They really did a quality job. They were not the lowest price, but every day when I see my beautiful hardwood floors, I feel that I really got my money's worth.”
-- Karen B., Clearwater

Active preservation advocates, we live in a 1925 bungalow in Old Seminole Heights and have restored it as well as a 1910 Craftsman on the historic register in Los Angeles.  Recently, we completed the rehabilitation of a Folk Victorian in Tampa Heights.
Through the Woods excels in the restoration of floors. Respectful of the historic fabric of your prized Victorian, Bungalow, Colonial Revival, Mediterranean Revival or Mid-Century Modern, we will refinish your elderly floors with a gentle hand.
Nothing surpasses the beauty of the old growth Oak and Heart Pine floors. We delight in bringing these aged floors back to life!

Click on any of our photos to see more examples of the wood flooring we have installed, restored or refinished.

Historic Antique Heartpine Hardwood floor
Antique Heart Pine: Heartwood is from the center (heart) of the tree. This wood is dark colored, and is insect and decay resistant and more stable than the white/yellow sapwood on the outside. It is extremely dense with tighter growth rings compared to the pine that is commonly seen today. Read more...

Historic Douglas FIr
Douglas Fir: Traditional softwood flooringused in the western United States, Douglas Fir is light red in color a pronounced grain pattern, very similar to pine.The wood from these trees had few knots and a tighter grain pattern (The growth rings are closertogether.) than trees harvested today. Over the years, the wood has developed a beautiful patina which remains even after sanding.

Historic Oak wood flooring
Oak : White Oak is light honey in color with a pronounced grain pattern. Oak was often cut in a grain pattern called " quartersawn " which gave an unusual pattern for diagonal rays and is sometimes called "Tiger Oak" as the rays look like stripes in a tiger. The wood from these old growth trees had tighter grain pattern than today's trees (the growth rings are closer together.) Over the decades, the wood develops a beautiful patina which remains even after sanding. Read more about grain pattern here.

historic Southern Yellow Pine hardwood floor
Southern Yellow Pine: Southern Yellow Pine is a name for several species of fast growing pine in the Southeast United States. Because most of it is commercially grown, the trees are cut while fairly small, resulting in softer wood with a coarser grain (growth rings further apart) than found in wood that is from more mature trees.Its use in wood flooring started only after the harder and darker colored Heart Pine was logged out, in the late 1940s. It is commonly seen since then in both interior wood floors and exterior decks.