How often should I sand my hardwood floor?

As seldom as possible!

To keep your floors in good condition:

Keep them clean.

  1. Vacuum and mop regularly. Here in Tampa Bay, our sandy soil is especially abrasive.
  2. Use area rugs & furniture glides.
  3. Do not push anything across the floor.

Read our Maintenance Guide and follow it.

Keep them coated with finish.

When your wood floor finish becomes dull or slightly worn away, it can be renewed by lightly scuff sanding the finish surface and then applying another coat of finish. How often you should do this re-coating can vary between one to six years. Kitchens and other heavy traffic areas will need to be recoated more frequently too. The time to do this is when the floor is starting to look worn and does not clean easily.

When to sand. 

If your floor is scratched deeply and is missing finish, leaving exposed wood, it is time to refinish, both to give your floor a better appearance and to keep the raw wood from being further damaged.

A floor that requires repairs, such as termite damaged wood, will need to be refinished after the boards are replaced.

If you wish to change your floor’s color, we can do it by sanding and applying a custom stain of your choice before putting on the polyurethane coats. Our expert sand and finish team will return your floors to its original glow.