Do you recommend laminate flooring?

No, we prefer real wood flooring. It provides a warmth and beauty to a home that a plastic floor cannot.

Laminate and engineered wood are often confused. “Engineered” is the term for a wood floor which has a top wear layer, usually 1/8" thick on better products, and has one or more layers or "plies". The top layer is generally made out of oak, maple, cherry - real wood.
The top layer of laminate products is actually a plastic type composition applied to the core using heat and pressure. The core is usually made of high density fiber or particle board, and the backing can be a paper or another layer of laminate. Plastic laminate floors are durable however they cannot ever be refinished or recoated once they are scratched or worn or exposed to excessive moisture. That is generally the main difference between plastic laminate floors and real wood floors.

Another down side to the laminate flooring is that the wood pattern is printed, it’s just a picture, and many of the boards, in some cases all of the boards are identical in appearance.

Real hard wood floors add value to most Tampa Bay homes. However, if you paid under $50,000 for your home and that's about the maximum priced home in the neighborhood, it really won't make much difference whether you go with real wood or the laminate. On the other hand, if you paid more for your home, and the houses in your neighborhood fluctuate in price depending on the upgrades, then the real wood flooring may be a benefit whether you're in the home for one year or fifty years.

Another plus is that you will be able to resurface a quality real wood floor when it shows signs of wear, whereas you will have to replace the plastic laminate floor altogether. Real hardwood flooring is truly an investment into your home. The plastic laminate flooring does nothing for the resale value. Considering plastic laminate cannot be resurfaced, it is considered temporary. Anyone buying a house where laminate flooring is installed knows that it will need to be replaced most likely during the period of time that they will be living there. And, many people object to its plastic look.

We can assist you in choosing the very best REAL wood flooring material for your home.