“Chris knows more about wood flooring than you can even imagine, and that knowledge & expertise show in his work.”

-- Jennifer S., St. Petersburg

Oak has been a popular material for flooring for generations. It is strong and durable as well as beautiful. During our 30+ years in the trade, we have installed many gorgeous Oak floors and offer many choices in this dependable and versatile wood species.



specialty oakOak accepts stains and dyes beautifully, so it is a wood with a great deal of variety. We have bleached and white-washed Oak to create an easy, breezy beach look. We have dyed it almost black, mimicking exotic Ebony. We have painted squares on Oak to create a checkerboard floor. We were once asked to stain an Oak floor pea green. We politely declined. Most frequently, a medium brown/golden stain is used to accentuate the grain with warm highlights.

The Oak boards can be prefinished which means that they are stained at the mill/factory. Oak that is finished at the factory is available from many mills in a huge variety of colors, which we display in our Tampa showroom, or we can come to your home. There are several mills that will mix and apply custom stains at the factory.

Oak can also be installed the traditional way and sanded and stained in your home. When we stain the boards in your home, we can mix customs stains in any color that you choose.


Widths- Oak flooring is available in many widths, from 3” to 10”. It can even be installed in a mixture of
widths. This is called “random width” and creates a beautiful floor with a bit of character.

Surface- Handscraping or distressing imparts an aged finish. This process can be done subtly or with more vigor to create different levels of wear.

Finishes- Today’s finishes are more durable than ever. From matte to high gloss, at Through the Woods we offer a wide variety of finishes that are applied in your home or at the mill/factory. We are trained and certified by Bona to apply their world class finishes.

Style- In addition to various widths, oak wood flooring is available in different configurations, such as parquet, which is made of boards that are laid to form a pattern. Oak can also be used in border designs, or, as a field for borders of other woods.

Grain- Woods are graded by appearance. They can also differ by how the wood is cut off the log.

Reclaimed- Oak is often recovered from river beds and salvaged from old buildings. This material adds a timeless beauty to any room.

We have many samples of Oak flooring and can help you choose the perfect one for your Tampa Bay home.


treeWhite oak is slightly harder than red oak, and also more durable as well as being particularly resistant to fungi and insects. However, both types are notably stiff and dense, have high shock resistance, and resist wear.

Oak flooring has served us well for centuries and will continue to be a beautiful and popular choice.

A key feature in our Tampa historic homes, Oak is a thoroughly modern material, perfect for today's active family.