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Wide Plank


Each board of traditional strip flooring is 2 1/2" wide. Wide plank wood flooring varies from 3" to 12". The wider boards allow the grain of the wood to be fully displayed so that each floor is unique. A popular choice here in Tampa Bay is random plank flooring which mixes boards of different widths within the same floor.

Distressing can add to the rustic look of a wide plank floor. Each piece can be beveled, taking the flat edges off the sides to form grooves which accentuate the width of the individual boards.

Most species of woods are offered in wide plank. These species vary in hardness, color and grain giving you the opportunity to enhance the architecture of your home and blend with your decor. You can choose a standout element, or a floor that will form at subtle background.

We love Reclaimed woods in wide plank. The aged character of these antique woods is beautifully showcased in the wider planks.

Flooring can be stained at the factory in hundreds of colors or we can mix a custom stain for you. A stain can enhance the look of any species of wood changing it to an almost white, cool, breezy look or, to a dark, exotic one. We can give you a floor that is duplicated nowhere else!

Many different finishes are available also. We offer European, penetrating oil stains which can be tinted if you would like. Traditional oil-based polyurethane is yet another choice as is water-based poly. We are one of a handful of companies in all of Florida certified by Bona to apply their durable, green finishes.

Wide plank boards are perfect in every application. We carry many choices of superior and beautiful products. As a member of the National Wood Flooring Association, we have access to the best products from the most reputable manufacturers in the world.

If you should have some idea of the colors and graining that you want, we can come to your home with samples. We offer free home estimates and will work with you to visit at a time that is most convenient for you.

If you would like to view our full range of products, we invite you to our showroom which is open by appointment. There you will see many different samples of wide plank flooring in a variety of colors, species and grains.

At Through the Woods, we have decades of experience in installing wide plank hardwood flooring. We will provide you with a beautiful floor and exceptional service.

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