Hardwood Flooring Questions Answered
by Tampa Bay Company
Through the Woods Fine Wood Floors, Inc.

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  • My family is very active. What type of wood would you suggest for me?
You can choose a wood that is harder and more durable. The Janka hardness test is a measurement of the force necessary to embed a .444-inch steel ball to half its diameter in wood. It is the industry standard for gauging the ability of various species to tolerate denting and normal use. You can visit our species page to view woods and their hardness. Many of them are quite a bit harder than Oak. More Info
  • How does solid wood flooring differ from engineered?
Solid flooring is made from pieces of wood that are one solid piece from top to bottom. It can come from the mill already stained and finished, or it can be finished at the jobsite after being installed and sanded. Most solid hardwood floors require a nail down installation over a wood subfloor. They are an excellent choice in most areas of a home on the ground level or above. More Info
  • Do you recommend laminate flooring?
No, we prefer real wood flooring. It provides a warmth and beauty to a home that a plastic floor cannot. More Info


  • How much does hardwood flooring cost?
Wood flooring is offered in a wide range of prices. The cost varies according to the following factors:
Brand quality
Quality of craftsmanship
Quality of the wood flooring company
More Info
  • Is there an economic advantage to select hardwood flooring instead of less-costly materials?
Absolutely! A sound investment here in Tampa, hardwood flooring can last the lifetime of your home, unlike other flooring materials which can require replacement after about seven to ten years. More Info
  • What determines quality in the installation or finishing of a wood floor?
HGTV has popularized do-it-yourself home improvement  and we commend the idea. However, these programs have given people the false idea that many trades can be learned in a weekend. Some of the basics can be, but like any other skill, home improvement trades take years to master in order to obtain a long-lasting, high quality product. Over the years we have encountered many hardwood flooring goofs that have been made by diy-ers as well trade ”professionals” who should have known better. More info
  • How can you be assured that you will receive a high quality floor?
Beyond sheltering you and your family, your home is a large financial investment. Additionally, it represents you- your tastes and your lifestyle. So, it is important that you choose a company that can deliver a beautiful floor of the highest caliber. More info about what we offer, and what you should expect from any contractor.


  • Is wood flooring an earth-friendly product?
Sustainable building has been defined as building that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. More Info
  • Is wood flooring people-friendly?
The Environmental Protection Agency recently conducted a study of pesticides used in gardens and homes and found that once tracked inside, these poisons accumulate on floors and other surfaces. While the poisons outside soon wash away, those tracked into your home may last for years. These poisons are then absorbed by your bare feet, by your baby crawling on the floor and your pet cleaning its fur. More Info


  • How often should I sand my hardwood floor?
As seldom as possible! More Info
  • I have seen steam cleaners advertised on TV. Can I use it on my wood floor?
Though these cleaners have been promoted to clean, sanitize, disinfect and deodorize wood floors, neither hardwood flooring manufacturers nor the makers of wood floor cleaners recommend their use. Some have started mentioning steam cleaners on their list of don’ts. Trained hardwood floor inspectors have been seeing damaged floors that have been repeatedly cleaned by these machines. They have observed finishes peeling, whitening and becoming cloudy. More Info
  • I have been using a product on my wood floor that says that it cleans, polishes and conditions, but now my floor seems to have a sticky film on it. What do you recommend?
Most of these products are not recommended wood flooring or finish manufacturers because they do tend to deposit a film. This film obscures the wood grain and often shows footprints it in. When people try to clean it, mopping marks are left. More Info

Historic Preservation

  • My house was built in the 20’s. I’d like to update it and add new flooring. What kind of floor would you suggest?
Be a wise investor. Follow market trends and spend your money with an eye to the future- historic rehabilitation, rather than remodeling, modernizing or budget fix-up's. An older home is no different from any other antique. Would you replace the handles of a priceless Ming vase with new plastic ones in order to "modernize" or improve its use as a pitcher? Nope. It would be disrespectful to the culture and the artist who produced it and it wouldn't be economical. You would reduce its value as an antique! Craftsmanship has declined and the costs of both labor and materials have skyrocketed since these houses were built. You could not build a comparable house today for what you would pay for a fine old home with its antique features and wonderful character. More Info
  • I just purchased an old house and want to restore it sensitively. Where can I get the information that I need to do this?
Suzanne has collected a list of books and magazines that contain information on the care of old houses. She suggests that before you so much as pick up a hammer, that you read these publications and visit these websites.
  • Where do I go for materials that are appropriate for a historic restoration?
After many years of searching for the best materials at the lowest prices, Suzanne has developed a list of trusted sources. Please contact us with any that we might have have missed!
  • What is Through the Woods’ experience in renovating historic floors?
We have been renovating old hardwood floors for over a quarter of a century, in our own houses and for many satisfied homeowners. Suzanne has dedicated her life to saving old buildings and to the telling of their stories. Our state of the art techniques and equipment ensure that after we refinish your old hardwood floors, they will be beautiful again as well as well protected.