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Oil Wood Floor Finishes


Wood is a comparatively soft and porous material and must be protected with a coating in order to stand up against damage from water and wear. European penetrating oil finishes soak into the wood and harden to achieve a very wear resistant finish, which is easily maintained. An oiled floor shows wear less than a polyurethane coated floor, hiding minor scratches and indentations.

An additional benefit of this coating is that it is low sheen and accentuates the beautiful characteristics of the wood's color and grain. We love oil penetrating finishes because they serve to protect and enhance the wood without obscuring what we love the best about wood- its warm, natural and timeless character.

European penetrating oil finishes are produced in a clear form, or tinted with soft colors to compliment any decor.

We feature two types of these products.


WOCA of Denmark, formulates its products from cold pressed vegetable oils and aromatic hardening oils. The oils are absorbed by the surface of the wood floor and, as they cure, harden to form a very protective surface that actually becomes part of the wood floor.

Woca European finishesThese oils are available in 13 different colors including black and white. These colors may be custom blended to achieve a completely unique look.

To clean floors coated in this material, you use WOCA soap, mixing it easily with water to mop the floor. The WOCA soap contains soy and coconut oils, which dry as an invisible film on the surface of the floor and gives it added protection.

Environmentally and family friendly, WOCA products meet or exceed the most stringent environmental regulations in North America.


Rubio Monocoat is a unique hard-wax oil produced in Belgium. Plant-based, environmentally responsible and nonpolluting, it protects and colors wood in a single coat.

Rubio comes in over 40 colors, is easy to maintain with its own specially formulated soap, and provides superior wear and liquid resistance.


We can apply these finishes to existing, or newly installed wood floors in your home after sanding them.

We also offer flooring materials that are finished at the factory, called "prefinished," with these European penetrating oil finishes.

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