Is wood flooring people-friendly?

The Environmental Protection Agency recently conducted a study of pesticides used in gardens and homes and found that once tracked inside, these poisons accumulate on floors and other surfaces. While the poisons outside soon wash away, those tracked into your home may last for years. These poisons are then absorbed by your bare feet, by your baby crawling on the floor and your pet cleaning its fur.

The EPA suggests that wood flooring greatly reduces the amount of pesticides accumulating in your home because a simple mopping easily removes the poisons from your floors.

insect The Consumer Product Safety Commission has received many complaints of toxic fumes in homes, caused by new carpeting. Sadly, after the carpeting has been in your home for a period of time, dirt and mold may accumulate in its fibers. Our sandy soil here in Tampa Bay gets ground into the fibers and is difficult to remove.

A noted authority on indoor air quality states, “Carpet holds large quantities of dirt, only some of which is removed by vacuuming or carpet cleaning. This dirt contains various allergic, irritating and toxic components. A wood floor is healthful in Tampa, with its high humidity and sandy soil.”

baby on wood Additionally, the active ingredient often found in carpet shampoos (which frequently leave residues) is a known human carcinogen. Other common carpet shampoo components have been found to cause such effects as liver and central nervous system damage from long-term exposure.

A solid hardwood floor is more than just a covering; it adds strength and stability to the floor system.  A wood floor is a safe and healthful floor.

We can assist you in choosing the healthiest wood flooring material for your Tampa Bay home.